The Power of Children Stories

The three children stories of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Cowboy Hat and Fanny’s Dream are well crafted to not only entertain but also pass on moral lessons to the young ones. A key similarity in all the stories is that the authors use large colorful pictures to illustrate the simple plot of the story. Additionally, the main character in each of the three stories entail a young girl that resonates with the intended audience. However, there are also several variations between the three stories.

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

In the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the resounding theme is that of heroism. The story is about a girl named Goldilocks who went to the forest and come upon a house that was open with no one inside. When she entered the house, she went to the kitchen and found three bowls of porridge and ate all of it. After that, she went to the living room and found three chairs. The first two chairs were too big but the third one was just small enough. However, she broke the chair upon trying to sit on it. Lastly, she went to the bedroom and fell asleep on one of the beds. When the bears who own the house came, they noticed someone had eaten their porridge, had sat on their chair, and broken one of it. Finally, papa bear, mama bear, and baby bear went to the bedroom and found Goldilocks sleeping. Goldilocks immediately awoke, jumped out of the window and ran away never to return to the forest. The story is made entertaining through use of several pictures of Goldilocks eating porridge, sitting on the chair, sleeping on the bed, and the bears finding her asleep. The author uses a simple plot and creates suspense in the story by delaying to expose the owner of the house and what will happen when the bears find Goldilocks in their house. Additionally, the setting of the story in a forest is crucial in propagating the theme of heroism as the main character, Goldilocks, is able to elude the bears and escape. The moral of the story is that one should be brave and find a way of overcoming a difficult situation just like Goldilocks.

Unlike Goldilocks and the Three Bears story that is set in a forest and expresses the theme of heroism, Fanny’s Dream is a romantic story that occurs in a home setting and expresses the theme of humility. It is about a farm girl called Fanny Agnes who has a dream of marrying a prince or at least the son of the mayor. One day, Fanny I invited to the mayor’s ball and she decides to go the garden and wait for her fairy godmother to fix her dress. Interestingly, Heber who is a kind farmer appears and asks her for hand in marriage. She accepts and together with Heber she raises a family. After her third child, the fairy godmother appears to her but she declines her offer and chooses to remain with Heber in their farm. The main character Fanny Agnes exposes the theme of humility when she decides to lower her standards to accept Heber as her prince. As such, the author manages to teach that although what one dreams about may not be achievable, sometimes one may get something equally good if one is humble enough. The use of pictures such as Heber asking Fanny her hand in marriage, and fairy godmother later appearing are crucial in helping the children to understand the story. The style of in the story involve fusion of imaginary with reality through the involvement of fairy godmother so as to provoke the imagination of the children to things they have never conceived before.

Meanwhile, just like Goldilocks and the Three Bears, the story of Little Red Cowboy Hat also strives to promote the theme of bravery and heroism among the young audience. The story is about a young girl who was tasked to take food to her sick grandmother. Along the way, the girl encounters a wolf who disguises by wearing a cowboy hat. The young girl discloses to the wolf where she is going and when she finally arrives at her grandmother’s place, she hands the food to the wolf who by then was sleeping on her grandmother’s bed. However, when the wolf tries to snatch the girl, grandmother appears with a shotgun and an axe to save her. The grandmother chases the wolf away but tells the girl to learn fighting for herself. The use of green, orange, and yellow colors in pictures is crucial in enhancing the fearsome mood of the story. Apart from encouraging bravery, the story also attempts to warn the children to be careful about deceptive characters that they may encounter when interacting with others. The author also uses a humorous style to convey the lesson of self-reliance. Through using a dialogue between the wolf and the young girl, the author is able to enhance the theme of deception and let the children understand how convincing the wolf is.

Ultimately, the three fairy stories use colorful pictures to enable the children enjoy the plot while at the same time helping them to understand the twist in the stories. Among the three, the story of Little Red Cowboy Hat appeals as the best creative piece since it allows the children to get an idea of the cunning nature of the wolf and how it can be defeated.

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