Photos of Your Child on Social Media

According to Lauren “Should Parents Post Photos of Their Children on Social Media? – WSJ”), the chief purpose of posting children pictures is to share them with friends and families to build a community. Of course, this is a good way to connect with other parents, though parents should be prepared to be accountable for what they intend to post if not sharing.  If one lives a thousand miles away from his family or friends, the only way they can share the children’s photos is by posting the pictures on the social media, for instance, on Facebook, Instagram among other social platforms.

It should be clear that at times parents may work in a different atmosphere and often need to move alongside with their children. At one time, parents may find themselves raising their children in a more solitary environment that they cannot get the modern parenthood atmosphere despite them struggling to make it. Lauren holds that such an environment can be created by making use of the internet if not the social platform. As such, parents can quickly post their children’s pictures on their social media to inquire much about something or share their happiness. For instance, if one had twin, he or she would be happy to post the pictures online solely to share their new experience of getting twins.

Nevertheless, pictures posted online might spread further than intended. In Lauren’s view, it is her joy if the picture goes beyond the expected group since it contributes effectively to her profession as an online writer. Lauren stresses further that through posting children pictures, she has been able to create numerous community on social media and the pictures that she posts, has helped a lot her to engage with friends and families. She argues that one can never know whom the picture will touch and the sort of connection it can make. Unexpectedly, many of her friends do enjoy her children’s pictures, and they post good comments about them that make her day. This is quite motivating despite the fact that she might be raising the children somewhere far from the family or in the isolated atmosphere.