We Are Mothers

The place of woman power is a publication wiki that focuses on women, children and their careers. We write articles on lifestyle, politics, parenting, and motherhood. The goal of the articles is to provide insight, trigger debate, and gather reader’s opinions, advice or news about parenting.

All the women at our website are career women, holding leadership positions in their places of work. The writers are diverse; we have wives, widowers, and a divorcee and single mothers. We are all well-educated, but we do not boast of our intelligence. Moreover, we do not consider ourselves as the role models for women as we are here to learn, make mistakes and warn others about it.

The Place of Woman Power is a community built on love and friendships. The stories on the articles are based on our own experiences unless otherwise stated. We are brutally honest and have a great sense of humor.

Aside from parental advice, we organize fun activities, and career fairs that seek to empower the women in the circle. Be it business, fashion, tech, law or doctor- I’m pleased to inform you the women are from diverse professional backgrounds. We are the whole package.

What we love doing

When we are not blogging, of boring situations example like how we spent the whole night at the hospital because the child had a fever and the nurse was incompetent and a screw-up, we are sharing recipes about seafood and pastries. Our articles include methods that are:

  • Great recipes- we travel a lot and get to enjoy great meals. The experience in foreign lands helps us to cook great meals. We offer methods from all over the world of foods that you probably never thought possible. For new techniques, we explain the taste and list reasons you should try the recipe.
  • Step by step instruction- how much salt is enough? What about vegetables, what does a bunch of vegetables mean? We offer a step by step including pictures of the ingredients and quantity and image for the final product.
  • Learn from our mistakes- even the chefs get the recipes wrong and blow up the whole dinner. Let’s have fun as we try new recipes and methods that end up not working and trying to work around the problem.

Thank you for stopping at our website.  Please make yourself comfortable and explore our posts. There is a wealth of information, browse around and read widely. Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask questions at our FAQ segment.  Got additional comments? Drop your views at the comment section, and we will review and get back as soon as possible.