About Blog

It is a blog that shares candid motherhood stories. The blog is vast with many contributors, all women: single, widowers, wives, and divorcee, career women who talk about parenting, technology, fashion, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship. The stories are from mother narrating their own experiences, the joy, and hardship of motherhood. The blog is for all women, mothers and aspiring mothers.

The discussions on this blog are real, scary and candid. Women are opening up to share heartbreaking and rib cracking stories about their lives. Part-time working, part mothering, and others full-time mothering. It is the worst of all worlds.

We are not missioners, but we provide aid to other women and campaign for donations for sick children. An unusual breed of women who believe they should help each other up. Do you have a story you want to share with our reader? Reach out through our contact at the bottom of the page, and we will publish your story. Our goal is to use our creativity and words to educate and change the world.

We are also not young and unattached, but at the same time, we are adventure seekers. It is about traveling abroad and getting into volunteer programs in areas that we think we had little, but our neighbors viewed us with awe. It is about fighting to raise our children in a community so perverted and dangerous but praying that they will grow to be respectable humans. It is about the pain of losing a child, the frustration of not being able to conceive. Its stories and tricks of how to sleep train the infant and how to treat them when they are teething or chocking on your breast milk. A blog about powerful women, because women are the most robust persons in the community. We are the pillars of our homes, the strongholds of our communities and we need each other to go through the tough days.

Welcome to our blog. In here there is a pain, there is laughter there is fun. Grab your glass of wine and the warm blanket and get cozy. Get ready to dive into the untold stories of women struggling to remain sane, the joy of conceiving and the miracle of giving birth. Let’s talk, let us debate on whether immunization is okay or not among other topics. You are also free to drop your views, comments, and questions on the FAQ segment. Enjoy the read!